XK3118 K9 /K9P

Weight measuring indicator XK3118 K9 /K9P

Indicator XK3118K9/K9P uses high precise Σ -∆ A/D conversion chip. Indicator is used in truck or railway scales with 1-12 analogue load cells of 350Ω. It has large display with well readable symbols of bright white colour. It is possible to connect to PC, to auxiliary display. It is realised short circuit protection in supply circuit. It has high noise immunity. Indicator key board has cover with static electricity damage protection.

Characteristics and description:

  • Possibility of indicator changing without recalibration
  • Automatic indicator shutdown function (debtors shutdown)
  • Storage in memory of 1000 weighing records with cargo and vehicles numbers
  • ХК3118К9Р has built-in micro-printer
  • 3 sample range
  • Real-time clock
  • Interface RS232 (485 optional)
  • Interface for auxiliary scoreboard connection: current loop mode 20мА
  • Possibility of printing of different statistical data forms about weighing

Technical data:

Accuracy class: III, n = 3000
A/D conversion mode: Σ – Δ, 24bit
Minimum input voltage: ≥1.5uV/e
Error partition coefficient: pi=0.5
Scale interval: (optional)
Load cells connection: 4, 6 wires (with auto compensation < 50m)
Display: 7 symbols, LED, white color, height 20 mm
Scoreboard interface: Current loop/RS232 output.

Data transfer rate: 600bit/s
Serial communication port: RS232
Data transfer rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 (optional)
External printer interface Standard interface for printing,
recommend KX-P1121, KX-P 1131, LQ-300K + II, LQ-1600К,
LQ-680K, DS-300 and LQ-730K/630K/635K
for К9Р Built-in micro printer
Power supply: AC 220V+10%-15%,50Hz +- 2%
Reserve power: DC 6V/10Ah maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Operating temperature range: 0ºС-40ºС
Relative humidity: < 85% (without condensate)
Indicator dimension: 330х210х185mm