Control indicator R35.20

Control indicator R35.20 is performed on high-speed single chip AD processor SIGMA-DELTA. It is intended for industrial weight batching systems. R35.20 supports multi-component batching (up to 8 ingredients), batching in accumulation mode, and data record of 10 formulas in memory.

Controller has standard RS232 and RS485 communication ports that permit to connect to PC, PLC, DCS and other. It is equipped with 7-inch TFT display. R35 is applied in many branches of industry, such as: metallurgy, chemical industry, building material production, varnish-and-paint production, cereal and feed mixture production, bottling of drinks and etc.

Basic characteristics of R35.20

  • Switchboard version for ease of mounting
  • Accumulative batching function
  • Independent batching from 1 to 8 components
  • Storage of 10 formula
  • 24 bit high-accurate SIGMA-DELTA AD transformer, sampling rate 100 HZ, auto correction
  • Auto scanning and error analysis
  • 12-contact triode output
  • Isolated connection RS232 / RS485
  • Possibility of micro-printer connection
  • Support MODBUS RTU
  • 7-inch sensory TFT display, resolution ratio 800х480
  • Pre-setting for batching

Engineering data

Accuracy class III class, n = 3000
A/D transformer: High-accuracy 24 bit, Σ- Δ transformer, sampling rate 100 Hz
Housing Front panel made of aluminum IP 65, housing made of aluminum IP 42
Operating mode: 1-8 component batching; accumulative batching.
Quantity of connecting load cells: Maximum 6 analogue load cells of 350Ω or equivalent to one load cell of 58Ω
Input signal range: -30mV~30mV
Resolving capacity: Full resolution: 20000d, minimum sensitivity 0.3 µ V/d
Display: 7 – inch sensory TFT display, resolution 800х480. Display update: 10 Hz
Serial communication port: 1isolated RS- 232 , 1isolated RS- 485
Communication protocol: Serial format, type-out, modbus-rtu
Relay mode: Maximum 8 input, Inactive input available in short circuit at general port
Maximum 12 input, maximum load 30 V DC/200 мА.

Formula quantity: 10
Dimension (height х width х length): 122 х 222 х180 mm
Mounting hole (height х width): 101 х 191 mm
Power supply: 24 V DC, power consumption <30 W