Platform scales indicator XK3118T16



XK3118T16 electric weighing indicator adapts to high accurate Σ- Δ AD conversion chip. It is highly bright LED with letters height of 30 mm. It has new look and with wide voltage switch being suitable for both AC and CD. It suits for static weighing system of 1~6 load cells. XK3118T16 electric indicator includes data collection, up and low limit of indicating device, peak value of saving and mean value function.

Characteristics and main functions:

  • Highly accurate A/D conversion and accuracy up to 1/30000;
  • 20 times display of inner code and can replace standard weighing to detect and analyze error;
  • Anytime recharging, low voltage indication and protection;
  • Constant current changeable charge circuit to prolong the lifetime of battery;
  • Energy saving and automatic shut-down;
  • Animal weighing function, data collection of up and low limits of weighing, saving peak value, kg/lb conversion function;
  • RS232 communication port and multiple communication formats;
  • With scoreboard port

Technical data:

A/D conversion type: Σ- Δ, 20 битов
Minimum input voltage of each control scale: ≥1.5uV/e
Error distribution coefficient: pi=0.5
Division value: optional 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
Sensitivity input: ≥1.5uV/e
Load cell excitation voltage: DC, connection of 1~ 6 pieces of 350Ω analog load cells
Load cell connection: 4 – wire
Display: 6 bits 1.2” high bright LED tube. 12 status indicating lamps, 3 electrical voltage indicating lamps and 1 AC lamp
Power supply: AC 110~220V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Auxiliary supply: Built-in 6V/4AH maintenance-free lead acid battery (anytime recharging)
Operating temperature: 0 ~ +40ºС, humidity ≤ 85 % (RH)
Storage temperature: -20 ~ +60ºС, humidity ≤ 95 % (RH)
Indicator dimension: 236х150х150 mm (length х width х height)
Weight: 1.5 (kg)
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