Weighing measuring indicator ХК3118Т1


It is designed for operation in static systems of weighing. It is applied for production of electronic industrial scales: platform, trade, pallet scales and scales for animal weighing and others.

Housing is made of plastic and has high level of protection IP53.Indicator is equipped by changeable accumulator. Indicator can be connected to PC under RS232 and by means of software it can transmit weighing data to PC.

Characteristics and description

  • High-speed A/D conversion with possibility of reading 1/30000
  • Supply by wire and by battery
  • LED display
  • Animal weighing function
  • Manual dosing function
  • Interface RS-232
  • Dosing function
  • Auto shutdown function
  • Animal weighing function (weighing results fixing)
  • Plastic housing

Technical characteristics of indicator XK3118T1

Accuracy class: III, n=3000
A/D conversion mode: Σ – Δ, 20 bit
Minimum input voltage ≥1.5uV/e
Error partition coefficient: pi=0.5
Scale interval: (option)
Load cell supply: DC 5V, with connection of 1-4 load cells of 350 Ω
Load cell connection: 4, 6 wiring (with autoequalization)
Display: 6 symbols, LED, symbol height is 25mm
Power supply: АС 110-220V
Reserve supply: Built-in accumulator battery 6V/4Ah
Operating temperature: -10~ +40ºС, humidity ≤85% (without condensate)
Storage temperature: -20~+60ºС , humidity ≤95% (without condensate)
Indicator weight: about 1.8 kg