Weighing indicator XK3118T4


Weighing indicator XK3118T4 with steel housing is equipped by single chip noise immune microprocessor with application of high-accurate technology of A/D conversion Σ- Δ. It is widely applied with electronic platform, floor scales and other systems of static weighing. It has animal weighing function.


  • XK3118T4C has stainless steel buttons;
  • XK3118T4E has additional external power supply;
  • XK3118T4F with built-in battery.

Engineering data

ADC capacity 24 bit
Input sensitivity 1,5 nkW/del
Sensor power supply 3.3 V
Maximum quantity of sensors with resistance 350 Ω 6 pcs
Input signal 16 ~18 mV
Display 6 digit 0.8-inch high-contract liquid crystal with highlight
Power supply 110-220V 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz
Operating temperature from 0°С till +40°С
Air humidity 85%
Storage temperature from -20°С till +60°С
Air humidity 95%