Strain-gauge cable ОАР

Strain-gauge cable — is a special shielded cable made of copper with low signal attenuation and light electric resistance.

It is applied in different strain-gauge systems for commutation of strain-gauge equipment with secondary weight measuring and weight dosing devices as well as for connection of secondary transformers to PC.

The present cable can be safely applied out-of-door and in close premises. Due to polyurethane insulation cable is safely protected from moisture and it is possessed heat- and frost – resistant grades. Special materials unsuitable for application in food by rodents are used in manufacture of cable. Shielding assists in the least loss of signal and reduces at most its distortion.

PRVP 6 × 0,2
Cord number 6
Insulation color Orange
Cable diameter, mm 6,3±0,02
Cable diameter, mm Polyurethane PRVP
Cord diameter, mm 0,2
Cable strength, Ohm/mm ≤ 0,9
Operating temperature, ºС -30…+80