Strain gauge cable Normal

Strain-gauge cable — is a special shielded cable made of copper with low signal attenuation and light electric resistance.

It is applied in different strain-gauge systems for commutation of strain-gauge equipment with secondary weight measuring and weight dosing devices as well as for connection of secondary transformers to PC.

The present cable can be safely applied out-of-door and in close premises. Due to PVC insulation cable is safely protected from moisture. Shielding assists in the least loss of signal and reduces at most its distortion.

RVVP 6 × 0.2

Cord number 6
Insulation color Black
Cable diameter, mm 6,3±0,02
Insulation material PVC
Cord diameter, mm 0,2
Cable strength, Ohm/mm ≤ 0,9
Operating temperature, оС -30…+80