Load cell NK-SS



  1. Load cell is made of stainless steel (17-4PH).
  2. Low profile and low weight permit to install easily on pedal.
  3. Minimum measurement errors.
  4. Simplicity of installation.
  5. High protection class (IP65) permits to install outside and in premises.


Pressure load cells are made of stainless steel. Load cell NK-SS is specially designed for application in car industry and can be installed easily on pedals. Also it is possible to apply in different monitor and test machines.

Engineering data

Load 100, 200, 300, 500 N Input resistance 350±50 Ω
Sensitivity 1.0-1.5 mV/v Output resistance 350±3 Ω
Zero balance 1% F.S. Insulation resistance ≥5000mΩ
Non-linearity 0.5% FS. Supply voltage 5-10 V DC
Hysteresis 0.5% FS. Compensating range t -10 ~ +40 °C
Repeatability 0.5% FS. Operating range t -30 ~ +70 °C
Creep (30min) 0.1% FS. Safe overload 120%
Temperature deviation 0.1% FS./10 °C Maximum overload 150%
Zero temperature deviation 0.1% FS./10 °C Cable size Ø (2-3) × 1.5 m