Load cell AMPB


KELI AMPB is a single point strain gauge made of aluminum. Made for using according to the single point scheme, it has an improved sealing. It is mainly used for manufacture of trade, floor scales as well as dosing equipment. Due to high metrological features, this type of gauges funds a wide application in different industrial systems of weighing.

Technical specifications

4-wire connection diagram:

  1. + supply – red
  2. – supply – black
  3. + signal – green
  4. – signal – white
Rated load 0,6; 1,2 кг Insulating resistance ≥2000 МΩ
Accuracy class С3 Nominal operating temperature range -10~+40ºС
Sensitivity 1.0±0.2mV/V Operating temperature range -20~+ 50ºС
Nonlinear ±0.03% F.S Acceptable overload 150% F.S
Error in meter reading by reason of hysteresis ±0.06% F.S Breaking load 200% F.S
Creep (30 min) ±0.03% F.S Nominal excitation range 10~12 V DC
Temperature deviationof sensitivity ±0.03% F.S/10ºС Protection class IP65
Zero temperature deviation ±0.03% F.S/10ºС Material Aluminum
Input resistance 404±15Ω Cable 0.2 m, diameter 3 mm
Output resistance 350±3Ω