Load cell NHS

Torsion type load cells are applied in high-precision systems of weight measurement with high index of maximum limit of weighing in industry and railway transport. Ring is used as resilient member with effect on which it is carried out reversible deformation of torsion.

Engineering data

4 wires:

  1. Sen (+) Blue
  2. Impulse (+) White
  3. Exciter (-) Black
  4. Impulse (-) Red
Rated load 1,2. 2,3. 3,4. 7, 10,15,22,23 Insulation resistance ≥5000 mΩ
47,68,100,150,220,330,470т Operating temperature rated range -10~+ 40ºС
Accuracy class 0.1(1-150t) Temperature service range -30~+ 70ºС
0.3(220-470t) Safety load limit 150% F.S
Sensitivity 2.85±0.015mV/V Breaking load 200% F.S
Non-linearity ±0.1% F.S (1-150t) Excitation rated range 10~12 V DC
±0.3% F.S (220-470t) Protection class IP67
Hysteresis error ±0.05% F.S (1-150t) Material Alloyed steel
Creep (30min) ±0.03% F.S Stainless steel
TC ZERO ±0.02% F.S/10ºС Cable Length: 8m(1~4.7t)
TC INTERVAL ±0.03% F.S/10ºС 12m(10~33t)
Input resistance 1450±10Ω 16m(10~33t)
Output resistance 1405±5Ω