Load cell multipurpose signal converter KM04A85/86

Load cell signal converters are intended for conversion of the standard signals from load cells to the unified signals by current or voltage. Circuit AD + DA is used 24-bits high-precision ADC. Converters are optional equipment and they are used in composition of different electronic weighing systems. Our products are remarkable for high accuracy and consistency of operation.

It uses special-purpose software for setting of the converter.

Converter KM04A85 has one channel for connection of load cells and one channel for output signal.

Converter KM04A86 has one channel for connection of load cells and two channels for output signal.


Input signal ±15mV
Nonlinearity, % from measurement scale ≤0,1
Load cell supply voltage, V 5
Current exit, mА 0…24
Potential exit, V 0…5
DC supply voltage 9-30 В
Housing protection degree ІР66
Housing material Aluminum
Overall dimensions, mm 110х80х45
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